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IFS credit repair specialist work diligently with the credit bureaus and the credit reporting agencies to challenge the unwarranted and erroneous negative items showing on your credit report that impacts your credit score and lenders decisions for loans and lines of credit. We work hard to ensure your credit profile is up-to-date, accurate, and exhibits you honestly. This is all done in an effort to fix your credit to get you approved for lines of credit!

How it works...

 IFS credit repair specialist customizes approaches designed for your specific needs. We use proven approaches and technology to educate our clients along the journey to credit restoration and to maintain a healthy credit profile. All you have to do is complete a credit injury and a credit repair specialist will contact you. 


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The best way to rebuild or establish credit is to add a positive line of credit to your credit profile along with credit repair – if you have imperfect credit. Usually it’s hard to obtain lines of credit with creditors if you have a low credit rating or have not established a positive credit history, but we make it easy for you! If you are concerned with establishing or building credit, then we have the perfect opportunity for you. 

Our partner is extending credit to our clients at alarming rates! Get approved now for a $5,000 primary line of credit which will boost your credit score between 20-50 points and report to all three credit bureaus. 

The program requires a $99 membership to join, then simply make a $100 purchase in which you pay half up front and the remaining balance will be applied to your new line of credit! Apply before the 25th of the month and your new credit line will appear on your credit report between the 1st and the 5th of the following month. 

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